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Giving Back in Retirement . . .

Retirement is a beautiful thing . . . I know, as I retired in November of 2015 and I'm having an absolute ball.

Since then, I have very blessed to be able to spend time with my three Grandchildren as well as travel extensively and begin to check-off things on my bucket list. Once the reality of retirement has settled into your core, however, you'll need to make sure and come-up with something of your own that provides you with PURPOSE. Not to say that spending time with the Grandchildren isn't extremely fulfilling, it certainly is. But your kids and their families are in the busiest moments of their lives so your time with the Grandchildren may be limited and there are twenty-four hours in a day and seven days in a week. The bottom line is you are going to have to keep busy, so find something that you enjoy and dig-in!

Here is where I may be a bit different from others in retirement. I hate golf, I'm not much for hobbies either, so I decided to give back in an area that I'm pretty good at but also very fulfilling to me!

I'm helping start-ups and expanding small businesses write business plans, create compensation plans and pricing models as well as find investors or financing. I'm not accepting any money for this for a variety of reasons and I find it stimulating, fulfilling and interesting. And in the process, I meet start-ups at the very beginning of their business journey, long before venture capitol firms do, so I get a first crack at being an investor or equity partner.

My background was in sales and product management as I worked for Uniroyal, Eastman Kodak and Xerox for a combined 38 years. So my background is often very helpful to a start-up or small business. This is where you can do the same if you retired from a skilled position such as Human Resources, Accounting, Sales, Finance, Marketing, Management, Manufacturing, etc. as these start-ups and small businesses need help in all of these categories.

How I get engaged is simple . . . I have a few favorite coffee shops just walking distance from my home. I start every day at one of these and here is where I make it known to my pals that I am volunteering as a Start-Up Advisor. The rest, as they say, is history. I've worked with over a dozen so far; none from the industry I worked in which was technology & enterprise software. I personally have not invested in any of the businesses just yet, but I sure wish I had as one of them was already offered a nice seven-figure buyout by a large US Corporation which they politely declined.

So get involved, have some fun and create a new PURPOSE for your time and energy. You'll meet stacks of young, energetic and grateful entrepreneurs who may just become the next Bill Gates or Steve Jobs in their field . . . and YOU will have played a role in their success!