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One email address just doesn’t cut it anymore


Maybe I'm stating the "painfully obvious" but I feel this point needs to be made as some “old school” folks still equate an email address to a physical address and having more than one post office box might seem ridiculous or even impossible to them, right? Well a lot has changed in the past couple of decades and it’s not only important but it’s imperative as well to have a series of email addresses to be used for different reasons. I’ll explain below . . .

With the utter collapse of privacy in our so called “modern world” there are literally tens of thousands of organizations that all have our email address not to mention other personal information. This happened for a variety of reasons. Public Wi-Fi with little to no security is one, airport USB charging stations are another and there’s always the email list buyers and sellers to blame who have been trading email addresses like baseball cards for over 20 years.

With that being said, why not settle on a series of a minimum of three email address, each meeting different & specific needs you have; STUFF, SOCIAL & PRIVATE? You’ll thank me someday but for now just read-ahead, okay?

Let’s start with STUFF . . . for this category, repurpose one of your older email addresses such as that brings in a dozen or so unsolicited messages every day as the one you give-out to retail stores and newsletter groups but will no longer use for family and close friends.

Next, create a mid-tier SOCIAL email address that will be the NEW often used email address for invitations, friends and not-so-close family members, etc. Get a little creative on this one. Maybe use your porn name (you know; your first pet, then first street you lived on) and maybe add the year you lost your virginity plus a weird symbol or whatever floats your boat . . . here’s what mine would look like using the discussed formula StormyMcKinley1970$

Finally, go to one of the encrypted email sites, I personally favor TUTANOTA and create a PRIVATE encrypted email address. Then ONLY . . . I repeat . . . ONLY . . . give it to your immediate family members and BFFs. This will not only serve as the one that is of upmost importance, it also might come in handy should you be overseas and need to communicate with someone there or back home if something, God forbid, were to go wrong and you are in trouble. The email address for this one can be relatively simple i.e. The first thing you may notice is that you never get any spam or unsolicited emails here, and no one can crack the encryption, not even Trump . . . OR his kids.

So, here’s the net-net of it all. One email for STUFF, one for SOCIAL friends & family, and a very PRIVATE and PERSONAL one and “Bob’s Your Uncle”. Finally, if your set-up your email on your computer correctly, you’ll easily be able to have just one set-up which will check all your email addresses for you all at once when you sign-on.