Consulting Services

Murphy Enterprises, LLC offers Consulting Services to Start-Ups and Small Businesses/Organizations as detailed below.


Domain Name Advisor PRO

Domain Name Advisor PRO helps you find a GREAT domain/website name for your business or new idea. We help with the creative elements and try and get you the best name available at the lowest cost. And if the domain/website name you want is not yet registered, then the only cost to you is registering the name with a Domain Service Provider, which is usually less than $15 per year. If the domain/website name you want is already owned, we help you make an offer, negotiate the price, build a ROI analysis as well as secure financing if desired. You pay nothing for our services, however the domain reseller may provide a finders-fee or commission similar to how a realtor is paid by a home seller for bringing in a buyer.


Start-Up Support

Murphy Enterprises, LLC helps Start-Ups and Small Businesses/Organizations get their project off the ground or expand by assisting with the following . . . 

  • Writing Business Plans
  • Structuring Compensation Elements
  • Building Pricing Models
  • Finding Business Resources Knowledgeable in your Industry

In addition to the above items, we have also facilitated introductions to venture capital firms depending upon your specific industry.